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Rochester Rocs: Best Irish Pub

Which is the best Irish pub in Rochester? We counted your nominations and here are the top 5 places for Rochester Rocs -- Best Irish Pub.

Top 5
Barry's Old School Irish
Shamrock Jack's Steak & Seafood
McGinnity's Restaurant
Mulconry's Irish Pub
Sheridan's Pub

Get your votes in by 10 a.m. Thursday for your voice to be heard -- vote now!

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New York State Exposed: Audits and businesses

It's something no taxpayer ever wants to hear. Local businesses are hearing “you're being audited” more often. They say it is a money grab and just another example of how New York is bad for business. Thousands are audited each year, even if they follow the rules.

Business after business told the same thing. They want their stories told, but they’re too scared of being targeted by the state.

When it comes to taxes, there's nothing worse than an audit, even if you're following all the rules and have paid what's due to the state. A lot of local business owners say overly aggressive auditors are becoming a huge problem in New York, but they fear by speaking out, they'll be the next target.

Trial starts for Greece woman linked to West Webster tragedy

News10NBC is following the trial of a woman accused of buying the guns used to kill two West Webster firefighters and injure two more on Christmas Eve 2012. Tomasz Kaczowka and Mike Chiapperini died after William Spengler set a fire and began shooting at them once they arrived to the scene. 

Dawn Nguyen is accused of buying guns she said were for her, but really police believe she bought them for William Spengler, a convicted felon. 

Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips opens in Webster

A popular restaurant is opening another location in the greater Rochester area.

Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips will open a location Monday on North Avenue in the Village of Webster.  It will open at 4:00 p.m.

Last month, Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips opened on East Ridge Road in Irondequoit, near Culver Road. The restaurant is inside the newly-remodeled Salvatore’s pizzeria.

Opening statements to start Monday for woman accused of buying guns used in West Webster tragedy

Opening statements are set to begin Monday morning for the women accused of supplying guns in the Christmas Eve tragedy in West Webster.

Dawn Nguyen is facing a felony charge for falsifying a business record after allegedly lying on a gun purchase form. Authorities say she purchased the guns for William Spengler, a convicted felon, who went on a shooting spree in 2012, killing two West Webster firefighters and injuring two others.

Opening statements are expected to begin at 9:45 a.m. Monday. If convicted, Nguyen faces up to four years in prison.

Boston Marathon bombing survivors get married

He survived the Boston Marathon bombing and on Friday, he got hitched.

Peter DiMartino, who is a Webster native, got married Friday in North Carolina. Peter and his bride, Rebekah, were injured in the Boston Marathon bombing last year. 

DiMartino and his wife were with family and friends watching his mother run the marathon. He was just feet away from the first bomb.

Photo courtesy: The Knot

New article lists 17 reasons why Wegmans is the best grocery store

News10NBC has learned Wegmans will be serving free cake at every store on Saturday, April 5 at 11 a.m. to celebrate being named the top supermarket chain in the United State by Consumer Reports.

In addition to the ranking by Consumer Reports, an article published this week by Business Insider lists 17 reasons why Wegmans took the top spot. A few reasons include an unparalleled selection, fine dining, friendly works and ready-to-cook meals. See the full list here.