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Computer Running A Little Slow Lately? | Technology

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Computer Running A Little Slow Lately?

You can automate some basic maintenance tasks in Windows to help keep your computer running better.  Read this week's In The Classroom to learn how...but first the latest news...

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In The Classroom

Most people do one of the following when their computer begins to slow down...besides get angry:

  • Improve their computer by buying more memory.
  • Decide to tweak their computer's settings.
  • Figure that their computer is old, there's nothing else they can do, and that it's probably time to buy a new computer.

All these solutions will boost a computer's performance. However, what's to keep your newly blazing PC from slowing down again after a couple months or years? A badly fragmented hard drive will bring even a top-of-the-line new computer to a grinding halt.

One option is to create a preventive maintenance plan—a plan that's easy to set up and set in motion so you never have to think about it again.  Here's everything you need to do it -http://www.microsoft.com/athome/setup/maintenance.aspx

Got a computer problem or question you would like some help with?

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See you next week...and Happy Computing!



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