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Crossing Over....
Crossing Over....

Every computer I’ve ever owned has always been a PC running Windows or something similar to Windows (Linux).  That’s what real computer users do.  The “Macs” were just an over-priced toy coveted by a fanatical minority cult.  Well, (probably) due to the recent reconfiguring of astrological signs, I lost focus and bought an iPad – and I am sorry…very sorry…that I didn’t do it sooner!  OMG…those “Apple Guys” really do know what they’re doing.

When the iPad was released last year, I was anticipating a number of “fast-followers” would appear running a Windows-based operating system and be available for the Christmas shopping season…well, it did not happen.  At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago, a number of companies hyped their upcoming tablet products but few would be available very soon and I saw little that would threaten the iPad’s early market lead.  So I quit waiting, bought an iPad and have not put it down since.

The user interface is stunning…great looking and very easy to use and learn.  As you’ve probably heard, almost anything you want to do…”Yeah, there’s an app for that!”.  App is short for application…in other words a small computer program that does a limited number of things and hopefully does them well.  Many apps are free and most others cost less than $10 to download and use. I’ve downloaded several dozen apps and been pleased with their performance.

One of my reasons for waiting to buy a “Windows” tablet was compatibility with many of the Microsoft Office documents and forms I use in my consulting business.  Not to worry…there’s an app for that, too!” that allows me to create, view and edit most of the documents I need.

A new version of the iPad is expected in the coming months.  I will discuss that further next time and review some of the more popular apps available.

Got a computer problem or question you would like some help with? Send me an e-mail and I will do my best to get you an answer.

Also please remember I welcome your questions, comments or suggestions for future topics. I will provide you with a prompt reply and possibly include it in this blog. Simply e-mail them to joesblog@thecetagroup.com.

For more computer news & technology information you may find the following link of interest -Wordpress Weblog

See you next time...and Happy Computing!



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