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A milk battle is brewing | Health

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A milk battle is brewing
A milk battle is brewing

There's a battle brewing in grocery stores and it could mean cows milk is going to have to moooove over.

Almond Milk is selling so fast, stores are having a hard time keeping it on the shelf.

Milk alternatives that come from non-dairy sources-are on the rise and Almond Milk is the new darling of dairy.
“I'm primarily buying it because I want some kind of milk.” Chris Bianchi from Chili started buying almond milk about a year ago because his partner is lactose intolerant. Now Bianchi says he's hooked. “I think it has a much better flavor than some of the alternatives and I've actually gotten used to it that I don't like dairy milk anymore.”

Bianchi is like a number of people who saw Almond Milk appear on store shelves a year ago, tried it and love it. It's selling like crazy.

Wegmans R.D. Jane Andrews said, “At Wegmans we've seen a rapid increase in sales growth for Almond Milk compared to other forms of milk -- soy milk, rice milk, milk alternatives.”

The competition between Blue Diamond and Silk is so fierce, it could be compared to the rivalry between Coke and Pepsi. “Promotion helps, but I think that taste is the deciding point for almond milk. It has a nutty flavor and the calories are low and it doesn't have lactose. A lot of people are intolerant to lactose or they can't handle milk protein.”

A Chicago research firm found Almond Milk last year lead a 13-percent growth in milk alternatives. But are these truly alternatives? “With dairy milk you have the calcium and vitamin D already there plus you have all these other nutrients like potassium that helps lower blood pressure and you have eight grams of protein.”

When compared to Almond Milk, the milk has only one gram of protein and no fat -- a handful of almonds has about nine grams of protein and is packed with healthy monosaturated fat. That's the reason this Chili mother of three is sticking to cows’ milk.

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