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Update: Webster nanny takes plea, victimized family speaks | Crime

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Update: Webster nanny takes plea, victimized family speaks
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Update: Webster nanny takes plea, victimized family speaks

Christy Polito, the nanny accused of helping her boyfriend steal from the homes of her families, took a plea deal today. She admitted she gave her boyfriend access to the house to he could steal tools, checks and a video recorder.

Click here to listen to part of my interview with the family she victimized. (The family wants to maintain their privacy which is why we concealed their identity)

The father in the family told me they're glad the case is over but they're not entirely satisfied with the outcome. 

"It feels good that Christy pled guilty, admits fault in partaking in the robbery. That's a good feeling. I wish she would have gotten a little more of a punishment," he said. "I'm glad she got some punishment. I'm not satisfied with the punishment that she got. I wish she would have at least something more. That's kind of a slap on the wrist I believe. I don't think it's anything she's going to learn from."

"How has this whole experience been for you and your family, to go through this?" I asked.
"Quite draining, you know? You lose trust in people. I don't really trust anyone any more especially inside my house. I keep an eye on everything," he said.

Polito pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor count of petit larceny. In exchange for the plea, Polito gets 120 hours of community service, she has to seek alcohol and drug counseling and pay $500 restitution (which covers her victims their insurance claim).

Polito is living with her family in Texas.

In court this morning, Polito admitted she gave her boyfriend, David Fountain, access to her family's home where he stole power tools, checks and a camcorder.

Earlier, Fountain pleaded guilty to second-degree attempted burglary. He was sentenced to three years in prison, two years supervised release and ordered to pay $12,000 in restitution. 

Crime, Families, News, People

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