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Penfield man charged in connection with deadly crash being held without bail

Penfield man charged in connection with deadly crash being held without bail

A Penfield man, charged with manslaughter in connection with the death of a Fairport High School teacher, was in Monroe County Court Monday morning.

Mark Scerbo II is charged with violating his conditional release from prison on two previous DWI charges. Prosecutors say as part of his release from prison on July 5th, Scerbo could not violate the law and was also mandated to have an interlock device on any vehicles he operated.

Assistant District Attorney Karin Intermill says Scerbo was operating a motorcycle without the interlock device and also violated the law due to the manslaughter charge. On top of that, Scerbo didn't have a license.

Today, Judge Doug Randall entered a plea of not guilty for Scerbo on the violations. Scerbo had just been released from prison three weeks before the crash that killed 40-year-old Heather Boyum. She was riding her bike when police say she was hit and killed by a motorcycle Scerbo was driving and the run over by a car.

Second driver in fatal crash charged with vehicular manslaughter

Second driver in fatal crash charged with vehicular manslaughter

On the same day as funeral services were held for a Fairport High School science teacher killed in a crash, one of the drivers was arraigned on more charges related to that same crash.

Megan Merkel now faces a total of three charges, including vehicular manslaughter. She was arraigned on that charge in Penfield Town Court on Thursday.

Monroe County Sheriff's Deputies say Merkel was driving a car and her companion, Mark Scerbo II, was on a motorcycle. Deputies say both were driving recklessly on Route 250 in Penfield. 40-year-old Heather Boyum was on that same road, riding her bike, when police say she was hit by Scerbo's motorcycle, forced into the road, and then run over by Merkel.

According to a statement from a witness, Merkel was out all night with friends, drinking until 6 a.m.

Motorcyclist to be charged with manslaughter in death of Fairport teacher

According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, Boyum was riding her bike when she was hit by a motorcycle and then a car. Deputies say 22-year-old Mark Scerbo II was driving the motorcycle.

The driver of the car involved, 23-year-old Megan Merkle, is also facing DWI charges.

News10NBC has learned from the New York State DMV that neither of them had licenses. Merkle has never had a New York State license and at one time, Scerbo had a permit, but was forced to surrender it after a DWI conviction. Scerbo has a list of past  convictions.

Ronald Verstraete, who heard the crash, said, “I was getting up out of bed in the morning and all of sudden, I heard this ungodly noise, I looked out the window and all I see is piece of debris flying down the road.”

Verstraete immediately told his wife to call 911. A memorial now marks the scene of the accident.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputies say just before 8:00a.m.

Former Webster coach in the '60s arrested for child abuse in N.C., Webster PD investigating local claim

Webster police are investigating a sex abuse claim that goes back to the 1960's involving a former soccer and swimming coach at Webster schools.

We confirmed today that police are looking into an allegation that Ralph Wager -- a former swimming and soccer coach at Webster -- sexually abused a young man in Webster.

That investigation started Thursday after police in Charlotte, North Carolina arrested and charged Wager with sex offense with a child. Wager has lived in North Carolina since the 1980's.

Police in North Carolina say several people have come forward with allegations against Wager, including the local man from Webster.

Click here to read a detailed article on the case from the Salisbury Post

Former Webster teacher charged with child sex crimes in North Carolina

A former teacher and coach at Webster Thomas has been arrested and charged with child sex crimes.

Ralph Wager now lives in North Carolina. it is there where he was arrested and charged with three counts of child sex abuse. 

Police say they investigated for two months after a man came to them, saying Wager has inappropriate sexual conduct with him in the 1980’s. 

Wager worked in the Webster School District from 1967 to 1983. He was a physical education teacher and coached swimming and soccer.


Foot touching suspect appears back in court

Foot touching suspect appears back in court

He’s accused of sexually assaulting young girls by touching their feet. On Monday, 49-year-old Anthony Perri appeared in Penfield Town Court. News10NBC got a hold of court documents revealing new information about what happened to the victims in this case.

Perri had a lot to say in court Monday. He took the opportunity to yell at News10NBC’s cameras every chance he got. He believes the police and the government are out to get him. In fact, he admitted in court that he filed a lawsuit against President Obama because he says the president isn’t preventing police from attacking him.

Assistant District Attorney Bill Gargan says he’s never heard anything like it.

Gargan said, “Unusual. I think for any prosecutor in the country and I say that given the length at which he was able to speak regarding his thoughts.”

Perri’s ranting continued in the courtroom.

Foot touching suspect has served time in prison

Foot touching suspect has served time in prison

A man sounds off after being arrested and charged with fondling the foot of a child at the Penfield Library Tuesday.

News10NBC is learning more about 49-year-old Anthony Perri. He is charged with endangering the welfare of a child and sexual abuse after Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies say he was seen licking the feet of a child inside the Penfield Library around noon Tuesday. This is not Perri’s first run in with the law.

Perri is no stranger to the court system. He has served two different sentences in prison. At one time, he spent 16 years behind bars. The charges range from robbery to attempted murder. 

Perri was very vocal after his Town of Penfield Court appearance Tuesday.