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Emerald Ash Borer identified in Brighton, Pittsford, Penfield | Environment

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Emerald Ash Borer identified in Brighton, Pittsford, Penfield
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Experts have identified active Emerald Ash Borer beetle infestations in ash trees in Brighton, Pittsford and Penfield. It’s believed to be the first time active EAB infestations have been found in Rochester's eastside suburbs.

Infestations were previously discovered in the town of Chili and in the Upper Falls area in the City of Rochester.

Jessica DeMasio, arborist with Henrietta-based Broccolo Tree & Lawn Care, says EAB-infested ash trees have been discovered on private residential properties in the South Winton Road area of Brighton near Brighton High School, Clover Street/Calkins Road area in the town of Pittsford, as well as in the Atlantic Avenue/Salt Road area in the town of Penfield.

The ash tree in Penfield appears to have been infested for more than two years, DeMasio said. "It was quite surprising to us to discover the infestation so far east in the Penfield area," DeMasio said. "The insect travels 15 miles a year, and if this tree has had it for two or three years, then the area encompassing up to 50 miles east of it - including Wayne and Ontario counties - is very likely to need treatment before next year's growth."

Early signs of EAB infestation include canopy thinning, flecking bark resulting in woodpecker feeding, water sprouts near the base of a tree and, as a tell-tale sign, any D-shaped exit holes on ash trees that are approximately three to four millimeters wide.

In cases where ash trees are worth protecting, property owners are advised to contact a certified arborist who can evaluate the tree and help prevent any further damage.

The treatment window for EAB has closed for the year, but any property owners with ash trees may want to begin planning and give serious consideration to treatment in the late spring.

Environment, Health

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