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Webster Thomas field hockey ball boys become fixture around Monroe County | News

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Webster Thomas field hockey ball boys become fixture around Monroe County
Webster Thomas field hockey ball boys become fixture around Monroe County

This is the third year the Webster Thomas field hockey team has had four male athletes as ball boys.

The first two years the boys were members of the Thomas ice hockey team. This year the foursome are all underclassmen from the Titan boys lacrosse team.

"This year with us having more night games, they didn't have the time for us with ice hockey so we recruited some lacrosse boys," said Thomas field hockey head coach Dana Tucker. "It's fun to have them to support us.

"They're not just out there being our ball boys, they're part of our team. They come to poster parties and they help set up. They're a great part of our program. We're lucky to have guys who are so committed. They enjoy being a part of this, and the girls love it, too."

Sophomore Mitch Hutteman is the brother of team member Shannon Hutteman. Junior brothers John and Kevin Hill, and freshman Justin Bird round out the foursome.

"My girl friend is on the team and his (Mitch's) sister is on the team," Bird said.

When asked who originally came up with the idea of having ball boys, Kevin Hill said with a smile, "Probably Coach Tucker." He added, "It's fun. Don't really get to watch the sport a lot."

When queried if they knew the rules of field hockey, Kevin Hill said, "We're starting to. The first day we had no idea why they kept going around, but we learned."

John Hill added, "It's fun, but boring at some points, confusing."

Hutteman said they mostly work the home games, "But we do some away, too, depending if they need us."

Tucker added, "I don't think Thomas field hockey would be the same without ball boys. We are known in Section 5, and even in Section 6. We always joke with people that we have tryouts for ball boys. Every year all four do a great job, and they bring something special every year.

"They're all underclassmen, so I can get them for a whole another year, just as long as coach (Rob) Ruller will let me have them we'll be good," Tucker added with a laugh.

The four young men also answered in the affirmative when asked if they will do it next year as well.

"They make us food afterwards," Hutteman said.

"That's a reason to keep going," said Bird.

Courtesy: WebsterPost.com


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