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Technology for MS
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Technology for MS

For a Webster mom dealing with MS, some days are pretty tough. But sophisticated technology is helping to make everyday just a little bit easier.

It's technology that's helping thousands of people across the country. It's called the Bioness L300 and it's helping people with multiple sclerosis who have trouble walking.

For people like Kerrie Geisen who have trouble walking due to multiple sclerosis or brain injury, there are options out there but nothing like the Bioness. Geisen says life completely changed thanks to that tiny device.

Giesen is a busy stay-at-home-mom from Webster. Along with her husband and two daughters, Anna and Megan, they live a pretty active life.

Giesen has multiple sclerosis. She also has what’s called “foot drop.” It impacts my energy level and what I can do during the day. I was not able to pick up my foot so I would swing my foot around to compensate.”

Foot drop makes getting around very difficult. “Sometimes stumbling, sometimes I would drag my foot depending on how fatigued I was. Just it wasn't safe anymore.”

Now, thanks to revolutionary technology, Giesen can walk. “There's a sensor that goes down at the bottom of my shoe that fits just down in the bottom and then the cuff just goes right on my leg, comes around and just locks into place.”

While Giesen walks, the sensor on her shoe communicates with the cuff on her leg. Then the cuff, which contains electrodes, provides stimulation. “So the electric stimulation stimulates the muscles to pick up my foot as I’m moving my foot.”

Giesen got the Bioness about six months ago. “This has given me back something that I lost.”

Now Giesen's mobility has drastically improved. This past summer, she and her family hiked through Yellowstone. “Without it i would not have been able to do it. I would be tripping, my whole body would have gotten fatigued way faster.”

A perfect example of technology at it's finest. “I'm so grateful that there are things like this for people who have MS.”

Giesen says it's amazing that something so small can do something so life changing.

If you think you or someone you know could take advantage of the Bioness L300, there are two screenings at the Jewish Home of Rochester. The dates are December 8 and December 15. Appointments can be made at 855-246-6375.

News, People, Technology

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