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Student from Webster on Va. Tech campus during shooting | News

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Student from Webster on Va. Tech campus during shooting
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Student from Webster on Va. Tech campus during shooting

Virginia Tech students were alerted by text message and email to shelter in place and visitors were told to stay away after a shooting was reported on campus.

The alert system for students and faculty went into place following the 2007 shooting rampage that left 32 dead, before the lone gunman shot and killed himself.

News 10NBC spoke with Katie Geier of Webster. She is a sophomore at Virginia Tech. Classes ended Wednesday and a lot of students like Geier are on campus today preparing for exams tomorrow.

Geier tells News 10NBC the Swat Team brought students to the Student Center. Students had been alerted already by text and email. Initially they were downstairs in the building until word the shooter might be outside the building. She's not sure if that was true.

She says students have been texting and calling family members and other friends on campus to make sure they're okay. She says people are calm now but there were some scary moments. “That was probably the scariest part, being ushered in here by the SWAT Team and the police and then they scanned the building to make sure that there wasn't anyone here. There's been reports of shots and everything over campus but they seem to have everything under control and they've been calming us down pretty well.”

Geier is an engineering major. She and her older brother attend Virginia Tech. By the time News 10NBC spoke with her, she had made contact with him and her parents.

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