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Falling tree narrowly misses family | News

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Falling tree narrowly misses family

A family just trying to beat the heat experienced a terrifying moment Saturday afternoon. Around 2 p.m. the family was swimming when a tree feel into their pool. They say they heard a loud cracking sound that was almost like an explosion. The tree then fell into the pool just missing the five people including some children.

But luckily, the family tells us the only injury was some minor scratches. Danielle Kaczmarski, who was in the pool, describes the incident.

"My mom tried to call 911," recounts Kaczmarski. "No one was answering and she was screaming for other people to call. Neighbors across the street came running over. The neighbor next door came running over to make sure everyone was ok."

Though no one was hurt, the tree still caused some damage. It snapped a couple of telephone poles and ripped the power lines from the side of their house. Officials say it make take 24 to 48 hours for power to be restored to the house.


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